Executive Board

  • President

    Shea Stark, DC, CCSP, ICSC, EMT  
    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Run meetings, maintain communication with ACA and other councils, appoint committee members, represent the ACASC to the public and other professional organizations, mentor ACASC student ExCo Board

  • 1st Vice President

    Chris Hargrave, DC  
    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Fill in for the President when necessary, address membership concerns, chair and preside over the Chiropractic Sports Network and membership committee

  • 2nd Vice President .

    Bryanna Esquivel, DC
    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Serve as chairperson of the Convention Committee, oversee symposium details including securing date/location, content and speakers, obtaining CEU credits, finding vendors, and promotion

  • Secretary .

    Kaila Alvarez, DC 
    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Edit written materials and publication, create the Sports Talk publication, take minutes at all meetings, documents decisions made via email, manage correspondence for the ACASC to other organizations and the public

  • Treasurer .

    Jermey Busch, DC, DACBSP, ICSC, CSCS 

    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Assemble and present the annual budget, oversee expenditures and re-imbursements, monitor tax reports, collect payments, review financial reports, prepare profit/loss statement

  • Past

    Andrew Cohen, DC, CCSP  
    [email protected]

    Responsibilities: Advise President and ExCo, manage the website and social media, serve as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee and the Gavel Club Committee

  • Student Sports Council Faculty

    Jordan Knowlton-Key, DC, EMT

    Responsibilities: Provide a communication channel between ACASC Executive Committee and the chiropractic colleges, work closely with the colleges Sports council Presidents and faculty advisors, advise the board regarding student and faculty participation in ACASC functions

  • Advisor to the Student ExCo

    Elizabeth Moos, DC, MS, CCSP

    Responsibilities: Help the ACASC Student ExCo President keep up to date contact information for the ACASC Student Board, maintain continuity to the student ACASC program as student participation changes each year, attend student Executive Committee conference calls and meetings to give the board prospective on various student issues.

  • ACA Board Liaison

    Rob Jones, DC 

    Responsibilities: provide advice when asked, approve election process and certify election, share with Executive Committee when discussion or proposed policies may not be in line with ACA policy or bylaws