Why Join as a Student?

We look forward to supporting your interest in pursuing the growing field of Sports Chiropractic. Benefits of your student membership include:

Educational Symposiums for Continuing Education

Each year we host a symposium in which you will learn up-to-date, hands-on treatment procedures, alternative treatment forms, rehabilitation, prevention and management of athletic injuries, and many other skills and topics. You have the opportunity to mix and mingle with your peers, have a voice in the election of your representatives to the Executive Board, participate in fun activities, and more. Registration discounts are offered to ACA Sports Council Members.

National Office Assistance

If you require travel to treat information, desire a field protocol manual, or just need a consultation on a problem you might be having, we are here to meet your needs.

Chiropractic Sports Network

Through Sports Talk Magazine, members may receive a listing of event coordinators and state representatives to facilitate involvement in treating athletes at different venues around the country. You need to contact the event coordinator or state representative to receive information on the events.

Sports Talk Newsletter

Sports Talk serves as the lifeblood informational hotline to the ACA Sports Council. In each issue, you'll find a publication dedicated to a group of sports, articles submitted by the membership, and all current Sports Council information.


National student liaisons are available to assist and direct any student members. Also, each school has a delegated liaison for their respective Sports Council. Together these liaisons create a network of support for one another. Student members have the opportunity to network with other members at the annual symposium or any other ACASC events.

Mentorship Program

We support a mentorship program for student members. Using our Chiropractic Sports Network as a vehicle, student members can participate with experienced doctors at a variety of sporting events, locally, nationally and even internationally.

Preceptorship Opportunity

Becoming a member of the ACA Sports Council will allow you to network with other members working in the field of Sports Chiropractic. A preceptorship is another great opportunity for students, and enhances the Mentorship Program. During the last semester or trimester of school and depending on the school, the student has an opportunity to go on a preceptorship to work under a practicing chiropractor. Our website allows prospective student members to search by location to find a sports chiropractor in their area, or area of interest.

A Vision

The ACA Sports Council is the representative organization for sports chiropractic to the Joint Commission of Sports Medicine and Science and other organizations. By networking and helping to foster cooperative relationships between the nation's leading organization in Sports Medicine and Sports Science, we serve Sports Chiropractic and in fact, chiropractic itself.

Symposium 2016 Speed Networking event

Speed networking event at the 2016 symposium allowed one-on-one discussions between students and sports chiropractors looking to hire preceptors/associates in the near future.

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