Annual Hyde and ACA Sports Council Poster Contest

The annual poster contest is an opportunity for student ACASC members to present research and compete for prizes at the annual symposium.

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10th Annual Dr. Tom Hyde Poster Presentation Winners!

After a weekend of students presenting their research projects to ACA Sports Council members, Drs. Ed Feinberg and Tim Stark, were honored to present the 2019 Dr. Tom Hyde Poster Presentation winners:

1st Place: Robert Butler and Wren Burton - Palmer College of Chiropractic - West
2nd Place: Thomas Ermscher Marciano - National University of Health Sciences 
3rd Place: Richard Yu- Palmer College of Chiropractic - West 

Congratulations again to all our participants!



To view examples of posters and 2017 winners, click here.

1st Place: Kristin Freitas and Mark O'Brien (Palmer West) The influence of cervical chiropractic adjustment on static balance in an asymptomatic population. A randomized control trial.

2nd Place: Michael Klein (Palmer West) Improvement to decorticate posture in post-acute stroke patient through conservative chiropractic care.

3rd Place: Brent Chuma (UBCC) Use of functional objective testing in order to monitor and prevent risk for non-contact injury.

Honorable Mention: Rachel Gilmore (Cleveland) Effects of nutritional supplements on concussion and traumatic brain injury. An umbrella review.

Honorable Mention: Samantha Scarcella (NWHSU) Chiropractic manipulative therapy in the treamtent of cerebral palsy.

Participation Award: Jordan Knowlton-Key (NWHSU) Importance of differentiating whiplash from concussion.

Participation Award: Christopher Wuttke (UBCC) Prepatellar bursitis and quadriceps contusion with hematoma: differences in assessment and treatment.

2017 winners with docs

Winners Mark O'Brien and Kristin Freitas with Drs Ed Feinberg, Carly May, and Tom Hyde.

Archives: View 2016 winner

Contest Objectives:

  • To increase the value of research within the sports chiropractic specialty, especially among the future generation of sports chiropractors.
  • To give beginning sports chiropractic researchers a venue to develop research presentation skills.
  • To expand knowledge translation to symposium attendees
  • Create visibility and presence for campus ACA Sports Council

Posters should present research on one of the three aspects of sports chiropractic:

  • Sports chiropractic treatment of athletic injuries
  • Sports chiropractic prevention of athletic injuries
  • Ergogenic effects of sports chiropractic care

Types of research

  • Basic science (e.g., biomechanics, physiology)
  • Clinical (e.g., clinical trials, observational clinical research)
  • Literature reviews
  • Case series (more than three subjects)
  • Case study (report of a single case)
  • Other (e.g., epidemiology, population studies, practice analysis, etc.)

*Commemorative awards and scholarship monies donated by sponsors will be given to the top 5 vote getters. Cash prizes with a guaranteed prize structure of, at least, 1st - $2000 - "The Hyde Award", 2nd - $1000, 3rd - $750 and two Honorable Mention awards of $450.

Submissions and questions should be submitted to Dr. Jordan Knowlton-Key at [email protected]

To stay connected, visit and follow the Facebook page specifically for this contest.

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