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Introducing the 2017 ACA Sports Council Student Scholarship Fund Donation Program

Do you make donations to worthy causes? Consider donating to the future of sports chiropractic. The ACASC Student Scholarship program is a research poster program competition in which chiropractic students present current research to sports docs attending our annual symposium. The ACASC will match your Tax Deductible Donation up to a total of $5000.00 for presentation awards.

Please make checks out to ACF - ACASC Student Scholarship Fund. Send checks to:

Ed Feinberg - ACASC Student Scholarship Fund

2471 Johnson Place

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Include an email where we can send your Tax Deductible receipt.

Thank you to the Institutional Donors for our ACA Sports Council Student Scholarship Fund

Tim Stark, Dean Northwestern Chiropractic College and Ed Feinberg, Professor Palmer College and ACASC Faculty Liaison

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