Travel to Treat

Event Coverage: When working athletic/artistic/charitable/emergency events, individual doctors do not have limitations other than travel to treat as long as they are working within the scope of the state's license, subject to terms of the policy.

Every company is unique and we know that the policy NCMIC issues for educational institutions has different underwriting and application requirements than the policy issued to individual doctors. As a result, the statements above would not be accurate if a chiropractic college or university insured by NCMIC is involved with an event and the treating doctor is acting in the capacity of faculty or adjunct faculty for the educational institution. Other steps are required.

Lectures: Doctors teaching educational programs with hands-on demonstrations or therapeutic techniques and evaluations are covered the NCMIC individual DC policy, subject to the terms of the policy. The NCMIC policy does not exclude teaching activities, but does require the insured to practice legally and within the applicable scope of the practice of the state in which they are teaching.

The limitation of "subject to the terms of their policy" would pertain to the definitions of professional services and certain exclusions in the policy for which the policy will not provide coverage. For example, the NCMIC malpractice policy excludes "the providing of or failure to provide professional services while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs". So essentially, if an insured was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while teaching a technique and caused an injury there would be no coverage. Doctors are encouraged to read their policies and call their malpractice insurance carrier if they have questions so they can get the answer directly from the insurer.

The information listed above is current as of June 2016.

The following list was updated March 2018: Download the list of travel to treat laws by state 

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