aca sports council

We are a professional and educational nonprofit organization for active chiropractors who are committed to improving and promoting chiropractic treatment of athletes. We work closely with athletic organizations and allied health professionals to foster better understanding of the value of chiropractic care in sports medicine and treatment.

Our mission is to advance ethical practice of chiropractic sports medicine and exercise science to enhance athletic performance and promote physical fitness.

We advocate for and educate others about the sports chiropractic practice. Find out more about us and join the ACA Sports Council today!

Athletes and sports enthusiasts can also find a sports chiropractor on this site.

2020 Annual ACA Sports Council Virtual Symposium Certifications: Depending on which state you are located in, you should receive your certification from either the ACA directly or from Logan University.

We hope you had a great time in Miami at the 2019 Annual ACA Sports Council Symposium! Make sure you join us for the 2020 Annual ACA Sports Council Symposium

2019 Symposium


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