Sports council members desiring to run for an officer position must be a member in good standing in the sports council for a minimum of 2 years prior to election and must have served at least 2 years out of the past 5 years on a sports council committee. Sports council members desiring to run for the position of President of the ACASC must have served on the Executive Committee for a minimum of 2 years prior to their nomination.

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Committee on Ethics and Credentials: This Committee shall follow the Code of Ethics of the ACA and Article IV, Sec. 1 of these By-laws. The Committee shall also hear such questions of breach of ethics and unprofessional conduct as may be submitted to it in writing and recommended to the Executive Committee the action will be taken

Research Committee: This committee shall promote and aid in the research of chiropractic sports medicine in cooperation with the councils of the ACA and FCER.

  • Ed Feinberg - Chair
  • Stephen Perle
  • Elizabeth Moos
  • Brian Serrano 

Subcommittee - Poster Contest Committee:

      • Tim Stark
      • Ed Feinberg
      • Mike Smith

Membership Committee: This Committee shall promote the membership of this council. The chairman shall be the First Vice-President.

  • Chris Hargrave- Chair
  • Joel Bienenfeld
  • Jeremy Busch
  • Amber Gregory 
  • Jalen Banks
  • David Rudnick
  • Blake Graham
  • Rachael Bryant
  • Auriona Harvey 

Nominating Committee: This committee shall have as its chairman the immediate past president and two other members. Its function is that of selecting a slate of candidates for the annual meeting, for each of the offices to be elected.

  • Kelly Lange
  • Mike Simone
  • Guillermo Bermudez

Finance Committee: This committee shall audit the books of the Council and report back to the members of their findings.

  • Karlie Steiner-Bailey

Subcommittee - Social Media Committee: This committee shall promote this Council through social media postings.

      • Kaila Alvarez- Chair
      • Carly Zuehlke
      • Emelia Bracken
      • Addison Ozakyol 

Convention Committee: This committee shall be responsible for organizing the annual convention, and is chaired by the 2nd VP.

  • Bryanna Esquivel- Chair
  • Carly Zuehlke
  • Timothy Stark
  • Auriona Harvey 
  • David Rudnick
  • Amber Gregory 
  • Emelia Bracken 

Legislative Committee: This committee shall function to promote legislation related to sports chiropractic, notify members of relevant legislation, and cultivate sports chiropractic laws by each state.

  • Scott Vanina
  • Jordan Knowlton-Key

Committee for Games Commissions:

  • Tamara Lovelace
  • Todd Riddle 

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