Hall of Fame

The ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame Award honors the ultimate achievement in sports and fitness, for on-going outstanding service to the profession and the ACA Sports Council, and accomplishment in sports chiropractic.


HOF members: Drs. Phil Santiago, Tom Hyde, Robin Hunter, John Nash, Ira Shapiro, and John Danchik
at the 2017 Hall of Fame Gala in Denver, CO

Inaugural Induction - 1991

Augustine-ShultzAugustine Shultz

August L. Shultz, DC, PhC, was a Chiropractor practicing in Mitchell, South Dakota. He graduated in the 1940's from the Lincoln School of Chiropractic (which was absorbed into National College of Chiropractic). He is notable for having been one of the first Doctors of Chiropractic to serve as a team doctor for a major university team, having served as trainer for Dakota Wesleyan University. He was an author and inventor, with ten patents for orthopedic supports. He was married to Myrna D. Schultz, DC who also went to Lincoln School of Chiropractic after an illness was helped only by Chiropractic. They had no children. But, they were a part of a whole family of DC's. Myrna's brother Dr. Albrecht, and his son Bruce all joined the profession.

Robert-ReedRobert Reed

Robert C. Reed, DC was a Chiropractor practicing in California. He was a signer of the original charter for formation of the ACA Sports Council and was made a Life member of the Council on 3-April, 1993. He later helped develop the CCSP course. His son Mike Reed became Medical Director for the US Olympic Committee. Dr. Reed was elected to the ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame as its 4th inductee, in 1991. He passed away Oct 13, 2009, in San Luis Obispo, CA. He is survived by his wife Patricia, and his son Mike and his siblings.

Leonard-SchroederLeonard Schroeder

Leonard Schroeder, ATC (Hon), DC, CCSP, was born on June 10, 1921 to Paul and Anna Schroeder. He is a 1949 graduate of National College of Chiropractic, where he later served nine years on the Board of Trustees. He is notable for having founded the ACA Sports Council in 1972. A graduate of National College of Chiropractic, he had been working with Roller Derby Skaters in the Chicago area, and realized the need for better training in sports chiropractic, when he witnessed a trainer manipulating an athlete. The ACA has a policy that to form a new Council, one must get 50 members; so Dr. Schroeder went to an ACA Congress, and approached everyone he knew to give him just one dollar for dues; thus they could truthfully tell the ACA Board of Governors that they had the requisite number of members. The Council was authorized and he was elected President. He served as President for fourteen years, until 1986, when he was replaced in a blitz election by Robert Hazel, DC. He was team doctor for a time, for the Chicago Cardinals. In 1979, he was present at a meeting at Englewood Hospital, organized by Dr. Stephen Pressof Englewood, NJ, with the Chairman of the US Olympic Sports Medicine Council, Irving Dardik, MD. That meeting resulted in the creation of a Chiropractic program at the USOC; and the sending to the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid of Dr. George Goodheart. Dr. Schroeder was married to the former Elaine Plank, who passed in 1995. There were no children.

John-NashJohn Nash

John M. Nash, DC, DACBSP, is a Chiropractic Physician, and former professor at Texas Chiropractic College, who is notable for his research in Sports Chiropractic. Dr. Nash was one of the leaders of the specialty who was instrumental in steering the separation of the ACA Sports Councilfrom the Board Certifying body, the ABCSP.Dr. Nash was elected to the ACA Sports CouncilHall of Fame, in 1991.

Earl-PainterEarl Painter

Dr. Earl Painter treating baseball legend Babe Ruth.

Joe Santiago

2001 Induction

John-danchikJohn Danchik

John Danchik, DC, CCSP, FICC, FACC, is a Chiropractic Physician, who is notable for his contributions to Sports Chiropractic. From 1985 to 2007 Dr. Danchik was the Chairman of the US Olympic Committee's Chiropractor Selection Committee which chose DC's to go to the Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Dr. John J. Danchik,is a clinical professor at Tufts University Medical School, lecturing on current trends in sports chiropractic and rehabilitation.In his pre-professional career, he was a professional baseball player, having pitched for the Boston Red Sox.Dr. Danchik was elected as the seventh inductee to the ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame, in 2001.

Tom-HydeTom Hyde

Dr. Thomas E. Hyde, DC, DACBSP, FRCCSS (HON), ICSSD, CKTP, CSTI, GT®, ART®, FAKTR®, FICC graduated from Florida State University and later, Logan College of Chiropractic in 1977. In between, he served his country for 5 years as a Marine. Tom went on to fuse this interest into his love of sports and began treating athletes of all ages and abilities. He became the chiropractic consultant for the Miami Dolphins from 1990 through 1997. He also attended a 2 week sports medicine internship at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO in 1986 and served as the US chiropractor to the Pan American Games in 1987. Dr. Hyde served on the first RAND multidisciplinary panel on Low Back Pain and also served as one of 35 researchers who produced the Mercy Guidelines. He later participated in the CCGPP (The Guidelines for Chiropractic Quality Assurance and Practice Parameters) soft tissue section. He has completed 2 Editions of Conservative Management of Sports Injuries published by Williams and Wilkins (1st Edition) and Jones and Bartlett (2nd Edition) with his co-editor and co-contributor, Marianne Gengenbach. Tom is the co-developer of FAKTR with Dr. Greg Doerr. He has his Diplomate in Sports Injuries and his International Sports Science Diploma. Tom received one of his proudest titles when in 2009, he was awarded an Honorary membership of the Royal Canadian Chiropractic Sports Science organization. He has traveled all over the US and many countries teaching treatment of athletic and soft tissue injuries. He has served on many Boards including the American Chiropractic Association, the ACA Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness and the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in Florida, to name a few. In 2009, Dynamic Chiropractic chose him as their "Person of the Year."

2006 Induction

Phil-SantiagoPhil Santiago

Philip T. Santiago, DC, DACBSP, FICC, FACC (b. June 24, 1963) is a second generation Chiropractic Physician practicing in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. The son of Dr. Joseph Santiago, he obtained his DC degree from New York Chiropractic Collegein 1978. Dr. Santiago is notable for having been a professional Soccer player with Philadelphia in the North American Soccer league; and for having been team Doctor for the US Olympic team in Barcelona, as well as having been elected to the ACA Sports Council Hall of Fame. Dr. Santiago has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Latin America, South America and Europe to numerous medical groups on the topics of sports medicine and fitness. An Associate Professor, he is Director of the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program for New York Chiropractic College.

2013 Induction

Robin-HunterRobin Hunter

Dr. Hunter is a chiropractic physician who was born in Rumson N.J. She completed her undergraduate work at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair N.J. and is practicing in Columbus, Ohio specializing in sports chiropractic.

Dr. Hunter is notable for having been selected as the Chiropractic Physician for the U.S. medical team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Hunter has the distinction of being named the first female chiropractor to make a U.S. Winter Olympic Medical Team.

Dr. Hunter is a member of the U.S. Olympic Medical Society. Her first Olympic experience came as an intern at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs as part of her extensive post-doctoral training. Dr. Hunter's professional career was recognized internationally when she became a member of the medical team for the 2001 World University Games in Beijing, China.

She is affiliated with Ballet Met of Columbus, Ohio, where she serves as their chiropractic consultant.

She was President of the ACA Sports Council from 1995-1997, and is a Board member of the IAOCO.

2017 Induction


Ira Shapiro

Dr. Ira Shapiro is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has been in practice in for over 35 years in Old Bridge, NJ. He is the first chiropractor to serve on two consecutive USA Olympic Committee Medical Teams, in 2004 in Athens, Greece and again in 2006, at the Torino Winter Games.  His accolades are nearly too many to list and include, but are most certainly not limited to: Association of New Jersey Chiropractors Special Service Award 2006/2009, American Chiropractic Association ” Sports Chiropractor of the Year” 2006, New Jersey Chiropractic Society Sports Council Sports Chiropractor of the Year, 2002. His service and dedication to the profession was demonstrated at his involvement with The 2013 World Games, Cali, Columbia and Pan American Games 2011, Guadalajara, Mexico

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